Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zaira Bt Zakaria


Zaira Bt Zakaria


What school are you from?
SMK Tunku Anum Tunku Abd Rahman, Jitra
(Form 1 – 3)
SMK Bukit Jalil

Which state are you represent?
Kedah Darul Aman

Which Coach are you training under?
National Level – Mr. Lin Zin Hui
Mr. Zakaria Yusof
State Level - Mr.Mat Nor Osman

Who is your school coach?
Mr. Mat Nor Osman

What are your other hobbies besides your sports?

What was your most memorable race? E.g. which meet, event, time?
Sukma 2008, Terengganu

What are your dreams and aspirations in the coming future?
Break Down Commonwealth Record

When did you start to compete and what is your achievement then?
2001 when I 13 Years Old. ( Snatch – 30 Kg, Clean and Jerk – 35 Kg )

Who's your role model/inspiration(s)?
Popora Valentino

What's one advice that someone gave you then you apply during training and races?
My coach advice. “Stronger mind, stronger bodies”.

What are your international experiences?
1) Commonwealth Championship, Samoa
2) Asia World Cup, Japan
3) Asian Championship, Kazakhtan

What is your personal best now?
Snatch - 72 Kg
Clean & Jerk - 93 Kg

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